Learn how to get rid of dandruff fast and easy

how to get rid of dandruff fast

How to get rid of dandruff fast

Ever wondered what those white flakes on your scalp are? They are dandruff- an irritable scalp condition that can lead to hair fall, itchiness and dryness. It happens due to the rapid shedding of the skin cells on your scalp. With increasing pollution, dirt and grime in the environment, almost every person on this planet suffers from dandruff all throughout the year. Dandruff can be both flaky and sticky dandruff. People are trying out new and interesting ways to get rid of dandruff, fast and easy. It is not very difficult to cure, but once you get rid of it, you have to keep maintaining your hair so that it doesn’t come back. Below are given some easy to do steps that tell you how to get rid of dandruff fast.


How to get rid of dandruff fast : Get the right shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo is important. You can try the different anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market, along with the conditioners. Always choose a good reputed brand. But using anti-dandruff shampoos daily can make your hair rough and dry. So use a mild herbal shampoo twice a week and the anti-dandruff shampoo once a week. Don’t forget to use a conditioner or a hair mask. Other items like vitalisers and solutions can also be used along with the shampoo. Try to change your shampoo after every two or three months.

Take care of your hair

Brushing your hair regularly or going for hot oil massages help in better circulation in the scalp. This helps to eliminate dandruff faster. Go for hair spas once or twice a month. A henna treatment is an excellent way to get rid of dandruff fast. A vinegar and water rinse after shampooing is also a common and fast method of removing dandruff. All you have to do is mix one part vinegar to three parts water and rinse your hair with it. Mixing your shampoo with baking soda and camphor also works. Or you can apply a paste of fenugreek seeds (soaked overnight) and two eggs on your hair and scalp. Keep it on for thirty minutes and rinse off. Try these natural remedies on how to get rid of dandruff fast.

How to get rid of dandruff fast : Eat healthy

Eating healthy is very important to maintain the luster of your hair and prevent dandruff. Include fresh fruit, vegetables and dairies in your diet. Drink aloe Vera or amla juice in the morning. Instead of having vitamin supplements, have fresh fruits and fish to get the required vitamins and proteins.

Keep your stomach clean

A proper digestive system helps to keep hair fall and dandruff at bay. So always keep a clean stomach and avoid rich oily food.

How to get rid of dandruff fast :  Avoid stress at all costs

Worry and stress can escalate your dandruff or any other scalp infection that you have. So avoid stress at all costs. Try to get a good night’s sleep, at least eight hours daily. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Try some exercise

Exercising and keeping fit can go a long way to prevent any scalp infections, including dandruff.

How to get rid of dandruff fast : Consult a doctor

If your dandruff is persistent and coming back, consulting a doctor is the best path to choose. Doctors can prescribe the right medication and advise you on how to get rid of dandruff fast. There are many over the counter medicines as well, like solutions and medicated shampoos which may prove beneficial.

If you follow these steps religiously and regularly, you will soon have found out how to get rid of dandruff fast. Get freedom from dandruff once and for all.


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