What causes stretch marks – Causes of stretch marks and easy steps for its removal

what causes stretch marks

what causes stretch marks

Most of us find stretch marks embarrassing. Stretch marks also known as “striae gravidum” are very common among women after pregnancy. Before its removal, it’s important to know what causes stretch marks. They are known to occur, usually during the last three months of childbearing. Stretch marks are normally found on the belly part. Sometimes it also affects the breasts and thighs. Fondly known as the ‘Roadmap of Childbirth’ stretch marks may not be so welcomed in any woman’s anatomy but they are seen as a necessary evil. Stretch marks result due to rapid metabolic changes in body weight (for both men and women). The other common causes are injury and/or trauma to the skin.

For men it could be a growth spurt during puberty, or perhaps overeating and sudden weight gain. It is known that bodybuilders get them too. Especially, those who take a high dose of steroids for giant and rapid muscle growth have higher risk of getting these marks.

It’s also necessary to for women to know what causes stretch marks so that they can take necessary action on time. The prime cause of stretch marks among women is pregnancy. The second cause is weight gain and obesity. Stretch marks occur when the skin fiber is stretched to the utmost. Young girls at their pubescent stage sometimes get them on their newly growing breasts. These marks have a tendency to occur elsewhere in both girls and boys during puberty. Sometimes when one sheds some extra pounds and tightens and tones the body, stretch marks is seen on shoulders and calves. One should understand that there are two types of stretch marks, red and white: The Red ones denote an early, younger stretch mark. The plus is that these are fresh and therefore easier to treat.

But beware of the White Stretch marks; these are older, neglected and harder to treat – unfortunately they tend to stay and are often grow to become scars. It’s also important to know what causes stretch marks of this kind. There are instances where stretch marks have been known to occur due to the side effects of certain diseases and medications and often by hormonal problems as well. At the same time, one should look out for under mentioned danger signals of the disease as well. If a person starts seeing widespread stretch marks on ones body, it could be any kind of rare genetic disorder. In cases like this, it is very advisable to see a doctor for a thorough diagnosis. Stretch marks that are excessive in number can also indicate that something’s wrong with the cellular level of the body. Sometimes it happens when a person takes oral corticosteroids or uses topical steroids, or perhaps has adrenal gland disease or Cushing’s disease. There are Millions of women all over the world over are concerned about stretch marks and looking for solutions.

It should be understood that there is no permanent cure for stretch marks except surgery. It is difficult to remove the stretch marks at once. However, a person can take comfort in the fact that, like all skin problems, with proper treatment stretch marks can also be cure. With times it flattens and also they may lighten soon. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balanced perspective about stretch marks, and not panic every time the skin’s elastic fibers break appearing as pink, red, purple or brownish lines appear over the skin.

At moments like these, dermatologists advice to take plenty of fruits and vegetables and sufficient water to strengthen ones skin. It improves the elasticity of the skin by powering it up from inside through the consumption of enough vitamins and minerals.

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